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Paper vs. banner bilboard

What pays off better?

A paper vs. banner billboard – what pays off better?

Frequently, we come to a dilemma with our customers, whether it is more favorable to print a billboard on paper or to invest more money into a banner billboard. To answer this question, following questions have to be answered first:

  • For what period is the posting area rented?
  • What is the exact location of the particular billboard? (proximity of a road, traffic density)
  • Are you sure you won’t want to change any text or graphics for a longer period of time?
Lifespan versus price equals draw game paper versus banner

In the printing business, we say that the lifespan of a paper billboard is minimum 3 months, and for the banner, it is minimum 1 year. The price for paper print also happens to be 4 times lower than of the banner print. Mathematically seen, the banner billboard price should be more advantageous when renting a billboard for the period of 1 year and longer. However, the costs for its mounting are less advantageous. While posting a paper billboard is usually not charged (it is included in the rental price), for mounting a banner they usually charge 30 Euro and more.

So, if you plane to rent a billboard space for two years, it would be cheaper to order printing of your billboard on a banner. Despite that, we usually do not recommend our clients doing so. The reason for this are the answers to the second and third questions form the beginning of this article.

Proximity of a road and traffic density make the paper printing more favourable.

From the marketing point of view, a billboard placed as close to a road a s possible and a great traffic density are of advantage, but the exhalates do have negative impact upon the cleanliness of background and stableness of colours. Your beautiful, white billboard will not be white after a few, but rather grey. In winter, snow ploughs will make it dirty, during the rain, trucks will spray water and mud on it. In summer, the beautiful colours will be damaged by sunlight. To replace a paper billboard with a new paper billboard is cheaper, more flexible and in the end also more aesthetic solution.

Graphics and texts up-to-date – life is a constant change

It happens quite frequently that although we did not presume any changes, the company life may bring unexpected situations and turns. Purchase of a new technology or the need to react upon price war of competitors – these things cannot frequently be foreseen. And an unexpected replacement of a banner billboard would become more expensive than we might have expected.


So, here is our recommendation: print your billboards on paper and do it continuously as you may need. Even though the graphics is more or less the same, it may be a good idea to refresh it from time to time with a striking seasonal slogan or with a discount announcement. This will show your customers that your company is alive and your offer is developing. Or, you may reprint your billboard. A new billboard will always be shining with cleanliness and fresh colours when compared to the other ones. New is new and paper is cheaper. :)

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