15 years of VL MEDIA

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15 years of VL MEDIA

Our Milestones

1997 – The beginning

In autumn 1997 have we, Michal Vanko and Martin Lechan, good friends and former classmates from Gymnázium in Martin, decided to try doing business together and to establish an advertising agency. Our combination of an advertising and marketing student at the Comenius University and a talented freelancing copywriter has brought us an opportunity to establish rather untypical advertising agency in this region at that times. An agency that will not, unlike the majority of others, specialize in giveaways branding but that will be able to offer professional realization of advertising campaigns to entrepreneurs. For the starting capital in the amount of 50 000 Sk (1660 €) we have purchased 2 cell phones, and a computer with a printer.

1998 – First orders, first employees, first advertising areas

In the very beginning of 1998, we have received our first order –a graphic design for Emering Company logotype. Our second, and a bigger order was a discount flyer for the food supermarket chain, DM Maloobchod. In the springm we have offered cooperation to SAD Martin regarding the sales of advertising areas on the public transportation buses, and on April 1st , the contract has been signed. We’ve been selling the advertising areas on buses until today.

On June 1st, we have rented our first office in the ČSA 8 street where we had been residing until 2/2013. On July 1st, we have hired our first employee on the position of billposter, and on September 1st, we have hired another employee, a professional graphic designer.

1999 and 2000 – Clients keep on coming + our own TV show

The number of our clients was growing rapidly. As the business environment in Slovakia was getting better, there were new companies emerging and loads of work coming in our direction. In 2000 we wanted to try out television and so we started producing a motor show, Auto – Moto – Turiec, hosted by former student and contemporary a redactor of TV Markíza, Mr. Marián Lechan. After some six months, due to our business and increasing number of advertising orders, we unfortunately had to stop producing the show.

2001 – Taking over the Amphitheatre, first Nočné vlny festival

It came to our minds to revive the amphitheatre in Martin, at that time nobody was going there. We have rented the premises from the town and we have created the Amfiko brand. The first movie we screened, a Czech comedy Musíme si pomáhať, was supported by our massive campaign. 3000 viewers came! We got charmed by the feeling of crowded amphitheatre and we have been operating Amfiko until today. In summer, the organizer of club night events Nočné vlny, Mr.René Pálffy has addressed us to join our forces and try organizing a music event in Amfiko. Thus, the Nočné vlny Fest was born. 700 people were enjoying its pilot annual.

2002 – Purchasing first printing technologies, two-days Nočné vlny – a festival on two stages

We have purchased our first large colour copy machineof the Minolta brand. This helped us in advancing one level up, now being an advertising agency and graphic studio capable of offering quick and high-quality printing solutions. For the first time, we have organized the Nočné vlny festival as a two-day event on two stages. Its second annual was attended by 1500 people.

2003 – Establishment of advertising production department and webdesign department

Purchase of plotting machine, establishment of the department of advertising production with finalization of signs, boards and wraps for POS and cars; The number of employees has arisen to 8. Third annual of Nočné vlny fest was attended by 2500 people. For the first time, we invited bigger bands to the festival, the Czech stars Monkey Bussiness and MIG21.

2004 – Final year of Nočné vlny fest

4 stages, 100 performers, 4 000 visitors, and despite all that - the end. With its organizational and financial demands, the festival has overgrown us. Although we know that our fellow Martiners never forgave us, we were not able and were not willing to organize the festival anymore. The festival with such standards and size, as we wanted to organize, was not manageable along with the work in advertising. Organization of an event of such extent started requiring several persons working fulltime during the whole year.

2005 a 2006 – Our greatest job so far: opening of the Tulip Centre

In 2006, we have carried out our greatest otder so far. We had been working for the Tulip Center almost from the very birth of an idea to build a shopping centre in Martin up to its opening in November 2006. We had been working on the opening campaign for two years. During the first weekend, the Tulip Centre was visited by 100 000 people, which exceeded even our boldest expectations.

2007 – Extension of cooperation with SAD in Žilina and Čadca

Due to the merger of the SAD companies in Žilina, Martin and Čadca into one company SAD Žilina, a.s., we have extended our cooperation in selling advertising areas on public transportation buses also to the other two towns. Thus, we can offer our clients a complex campaign in the whole Northern Slovakia Region.

2008 – Purcharse of the Roland large format printer

The purchase of our Roland large format printer has become one of our best investments. Since the very day of its installation, the machine has practically been running every day. We have been printing lots of adverts, banners and stickers on this machine that are followingly being posted on POSs, cars and buses.

2009 – We have survived the first wave of economic crisis

Despite the fact that our incomes had decreased by 20% , we have survived the first wave of the crisis without laying off our employees.

2010 – Amfiko Martin – the most visited open air cinema in Slovakia

Thanks to the favour of the audience as well as to our good propagation of Amfiko, in 2010 we have become the most visited open air cinema in Slovakia for the total quantity of viewers in the whole summer.

2011 – Creation of nation-wide network for posting of posters

Poster campaigns always constituted an important part of our work and income. We decided to put together our contacts and experience from all regions and we started offering nation-wide posting. Today, we perform nation-wide posting of posters e.g. for Pohoda Festival, Heineken, Breno Carpets and many more.

2012 – Tempus fugit: 15th anniversary of agency establishment

Today, we are a fully established advertising and media company in the region of the northern Slovakia. We have 15 employees, printing technologies , own advertising spaces. Which is more, we still have the drive to work and advance, and to help you, our customers, advance too. We are happy that you are growing with us. We believe that we together still have a plenty of great campaigns ahead.

We have been promoting currently:
We have created:
Our large format printing and installations:
Poster campaign for the Pohoda Festival

For a third year already, we have been posting 1000 posters in 55 towns all over Slovakia.

Billboard campaign for the Firststop Tyre Centers

Every spring and autumn, we create and launch a nation-wide campaign for the network of Bridgestone Firststop tyre centres.

Communal elections 2014 coming

Following the success of our campaigns for regional elections, we have been designing and planning also campaigns for communal elections.

Logotype, labels and visuals for Martinský Richtár

We have been providing complex graphic and printing service for the new beer brand from Martin.

Banners for book titles at Martinus sk

For a couple of years, we have been designing the majority of banners you can see at the website martinus.sk

Designing billboards and banners for Benzinol

We have been designing billboards and banners placed at petrol stations for our client.

Banner for Volkswagen Slovakia

For Volkswagen Slovakia, we have printed a banner sized 7x4 metres which we also have installed.

Full wrap of the Jub Company Vehicles

For Jub, a distributor of paints, we have fully wrapped 6 Berlingos and vans – each car fully wrapped.

Whole public transport bus wrap for Gaya

We have created graphic design and wrapped a whole bus. A blue bus became orange. Cool image ad...