15 years of VL MEDIA

Paper vs. banner bilboard

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15 years of VL MEDIA

In autumn 1997 have we, Michal Vanko and Martin Lechan, good friends and former classmates from Gymnázium in Martin, decided to try doing business together and to establish an advertising agency. Our combination of an advertising and marketing student at the Comenius University and a talented freelancing copywriter has brought us an opportunity to establish rather untypical advertising agency in this region......viac

Paper vs. banner bilboard

Frequently, we come to a dilemma with our customers, whether it is more favorable to print a billboard on paper or to invest more money into a banner billboard. To answer this question, following questions have to be answered first......viac

We have been promoting currently:
We have created:
Our large format printing and installations:
Poster campaign for the Pohoda Festival

For a third year already, we have been posting 1000 posters in 55 towns all over Slovakia.

Billboard campaign for the Firststop Tyre Centers

Every spring and autumn, we create and launch a nation-wide campaign for the network of Bridgestone Firststop tyre centres.

Communal elections 2014 coming

Following the success of our campaigns for regional elections, we have been designing and planning also campaigns for communal elections.

Logotype, labels and visuals for Martinský Richtár

We have been providing complex graphic and printing service for the new beer brand from Martin.

Banners for book titles at Martinus sk

For a couple of years, we have been designing the majority of banners you can see at the website martinus.sk

Designing billboards and banners for Benzinol

We have been designing billboards and banners placed at petrol stations for our client.

Banner for Volkswagen Slovakia

For Volkswagen Slovakia, we have printed a banner sized 7x4 metres which we also have installed.

Full wrap of the Jub Company Vehicles

For Jub, a distributor of paints, we have fully wrapped 6 Berlingos and vans – each car fully wrapped.

Whole public transport bus wrap for Gaya

We have created graphic design and wrapped a whole bus. A blue bus became orange. Cool image ad...